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Introducing Sparta Twilight™
Introducing Mermet's BRAND NEW total blackout privacy fabric...Sparta Twilight™. Available in 6 colors - 3 with matching backs.
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Talk about privacy…Sparta Twilight™ privacy blackout fabric is HERE and is giving you all the space you need to have the perfect hideaway. Whether you need a break from the sun or just want to forget about the world for a while, Sparta’s got the complete privacy you’ve been dying for. Plus, Sparta’s six essential colors are designed to blend into any environment with an array of neutral tones. All six colors are available with the classic white back and the popular Pewter and Emery shades are available with matching backs.


See each color displayed in unique environments to get the full effect:






Emery/White or Emery/Emery


Pewter/White or Pewter/Pewter







The name Sparta Twilight™ was inspired by the city of Spartanburg, located right near the Mermet USA plant. Like its namesake, Sparta allows for you to experience the hustle and bustle of the world around you, but not at the expense of your valued privacy. The city of Spartanburg is home to incredible people, fun activities, food and a bustling downtown area. Simultaneously, the Spartanburg area provides space for you to live and work without the overcrowded and invasive vibe of a huge city. We are delighted to have a complete privacy fabric named after our very own!


To add to its appeal, Sparta Twilight™ also offers a competitive affordable price. Mermet doesn’t see privacy as a premium, we see it as a right. Therefore, we aim to provide quality privacy fabric at a uniquely affordable price point. 


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