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Fiberglass vs. Polyester

There has been much debate in the solar shading textile industry over whether a fiberglass core fabric or a polyester core fabric is superior. It has been the job of the architect, fabricator or designer to determine which is better for their project. Manufacturers claim that the major difference between fiberglass and polyester is their strength. There have been many one-sided arguments trying to defend these two materials, but the fact is, they have been tested in ways that favor one or the other creating an invalid argument when it comes to solar protection. To fully comprehend the materials, a designer must know the chemical composition and physical properties that make up each before formulating any beliefs. The real subject always seems to be evaded, this being how the final product performs for the end user. For the intended application, the material properties must be analyzed as they relate to the actual performance of the final product for the end user: As a shade in a window.

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