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Social & Environmental Sustainability in Sun Shade Fabric Manufacturing

Mermet is committed to the sustainability of our employees, our local communities, and our environment.

Social Sustainability

istock_602323640__2_.jpgMermet’s social sustainability begins with ensuring that our employees have safe working conditions.

Our shared vision is to provide a working environment free from harm by promoting a positive culture and continuously improving the health, safety and well-being of our workforce. 

Our commitment to our employees, customers, vendors and stakeholders is demonstrated by our leadership team's dedication to health, safety, security, the environment and our continual drive towards zero incidents.

We are focused on creating a safe working environment where our workforce is empowered to step up, take action and be responsible for their own health and safety and that of others affected by their acts.

At Mermet, we are also committed to sustaining our local communities in which we work and live by partnering with local businesses and governmental agencies to strengthen our impact. From fundraising to food drives, Mermet is dedicated to helping our local communities thrive.

Environmental Sustainability

RRR.JPGMermet is committed to making environmentally responsible decisions and taking action to protect our natural world. Our focus on reducing any negative impact on the environment has led us to create a company-wide recycling program with a zero waste to landfill goal. It is through this effort, we recycle, resell or repurpose our scrap fabrics and waste materials.