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Frequently Asked Questions About Mermet Fabrics

I'm interested in getting a quote for roller shades?

Mermet is a world leading expert in weaving textiles. We only produce high quality fabrics which are sold to wholesale distributors. These distributors sell direct or through a network of window treatment dealers. If you would like help locating a local dealer for a quote, please contact Mermet for details.

How do I clean my shade fabric?

On vinyl coated fabrics, remove dust with a soft duster, cloth, sponge or low-suction vacuum. For minor stains clean with a mild dish detergent and lukewarm water using a soft brush, cloth or sponge. For tougher stains, disinfecting and non-vinyl fabric cleaning instructions, visit our Disinfecting and Cleaning page found under Resources on the tool bar. 

Where can I order Mermet samples?

Mermet will gladly send fabric samples for review, free of charge. Use the All Fabrics page to add swatches to your cart and check out quickly and easily!

Is your material fire rated?

Yes, all of our material is fire rated for commercial use other than our two residentially rated fabrics, Avila Twilight and Avila Daylight. Under Resources on the toolbar you will find our Product Transparency download which lists all product certifications, standards and declarations. 

What is the price of Mermet fabrics?

Fabrics are just one of the materials used in the finished roller shade. There are many variables that contribute to final shade price. Please work with your window treatment dealer of choice for a final shade price.

What do the different openness percentages mean?

The percentage acknowledges the openness factor and how tight the weave pattern is. For example, a 10% openness allows more light to enter an interior space and more of a view through to the exterior of that space. 

How much will I save on my energy bill if I use KOOLBLACK?

KOOLBLACK fabrics will reflect infrared heat, keeping the fabric cool to the touch. There are many factors that go into energy usage, including structure orientation, glass type, window size, room size... KOOLBLACK fabrics will perform better than standard black fabrics and contribute to energy savings. If you're interested in more specific results, contact Mermet about our customized Complex Glazing Reports.

Do Mermet fabrics off-gas?

Mermet fabrics are GREENGUARD GOLD certified. This certification tests for emissions from over 75,000 chemical VOC's. The GOLD rating signifies the material is suitable for even the most sensitive spaces, including schools, daycares and hospitals. Occasionally the fabric may emit a slight vinyl smell, but this smell will dissipate quickly once installed and exposed to air. 

Can I use Mermet fabrics on exterior applications?

Yes, any of our PVC coated fiberglass fabrics can be used in exterior applications. Mermet has been producing the most durable, highest quality outdoor fiberglass screen fabrics for over 50 years. Engineered to perform in the harshest climates, for the widest retractable solar screens, roller shades and zipper systems. Built for residential and commercial applications, motorized and manual systems. Visit our Reinforced Core Collection!

What fabric can I use for noise reduction?

Sound absorption is generally measured using the NRC “Noise Reduction Coefficient”. Mermet recommends E Screen™ 1% (NRC=.50) and M Screen™ 1% (NRC=.50). For more detailed information visit the Enhancing Acoustic Performance White Paper found under Product Information on the tool bar. 

Can I print on Mermet fabrics?

Yes, all Mermet fabrics can be printed on using several printing methods. However, digital inkjet technology has the best resolution and the creative design opportunities are endless. 

Where can I see a showroom with Mermet fabrics?

There are many window treatment showrooms that feature Mermet fabrics. Please contact us for help in locating a local showroom.  

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