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Our KOOLEST Fabric Yet...
It's our KOOLEST fabric yet...T Screen™ KOOLBLACK is here and providing high performance and heat reflectivity to give YOU the optimal workspace.
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KOOLBLACK® is BACK! That’s right, we’ve enhanced our popular T Screen™ fabric line with KOOLBLACK® technology to create our ALL NEW T Screen™ KOOLBLACK® high performance fabric. 


When asked about T Screen™ KOOLBLACK®, our Commercial Business Manager, Rob Beals, revealed a few words for which he’d describe the fabric, one of which was innovative. Innovative meaning T Screen™ KOOLBLACK® is giving new features to the original T Screen™ fabric with the cutting-edge KOOLBLACK® technology. KOOLBLACK® is designed to reflect the heat from the sun, thus avoiding absorption of heat and staying cool to the touch. Pretty KOOL, right? 


One can have ALL the heat reflectivity of a light colored fabric with the glare control and crisp view-through of a dark color fabric. Who doesn’t love the best of both worlds? To add onto that, one can rest easy knowing T Screen™ KOOLBLACK® is durable and easy to clean, plus bacterial and fungal resistant. With the emphasis on clean and healthy living, it’s important now more than ever to invest in materials and fabrics which support this.  


Along with standout features, our T Screen™  KOOLBLACK® fabric has a wide variety of colors and openness to suit your taste. I mean 5 colors and 1% & 3% openness, what more could you ask for? Its ever popular satin weave pattern gives it a clean and fresh look, no matter the color!


You’ve made it this far, and you’re probably wondering…with all of the great things about T Screen™ KOOLBLACK®, what is the KOOLEST? Drum roll, please…optimizing workspace! Now you might be thinking, ‘huh’? Because of this fabric’s ability to reflect heat, offices and work environments now have the opportunity to stay cooler during the hot day - increasing comfort and maximizing productivity. Studies show just how imperative comfort in the workplace is as it relates to accomplishing tasks and the happiness of employees. According to Chua et al., employees will be encouraged to be healthier, more productive and have higher attendance when physically comfortable in the workplace (“Physical environment comfort impacts on office employee’s performance.”) T Screen™ KOOLBLACK® is the ultimate way to stay KOOL and get that efficiency.😎


T Screen™ KOOLBLACK® is working it right now, and you should honestly just get a move on and order some samples. Do it for yourself, do it to be KOOL. 





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