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The Coastal Grandma Aesthetic
Meet the trend that has taken TikTok and Instagram by storm...the Coastal Grandma Aesthetic!
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The Coastal Grandma lifestyle has taken TikTok & Instagram by storm with its simple elegance, classic flare and beachy tones. It's everyone's Nancy Meyers New England dream. 

The term "coastal grandmother" became all the rage after well-known TikToker, @lexnicoleta, began making videos describing the ultimate summer style. Picture grainy white sands, cat tails, elegant linens, a nice glass of chardonnay and the New England coastal tides washing along the shore. THIS is what the Coastal Grandma aesthetic is all about. 

Now what does this have to do with roller shade fabric? We are SO glad you asked. We have hand selected our fabrics we feel emulate this trendy aesthetic. Take a look below!


Featuring our GreenScreen Evolve® WIND, S Screen™PORCELAIN & Satiné™GREY-NAVY fabrics. These are giving us ALL the salty beach and carefree vibes of the quintessential Coastal Grandma as we transition from Summer to Fall!

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