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The Cabincore Aesthetic
Read about the newest interior design aesthetic - Cabincore! We've hand selected the perfect Mermet swatches to make this style even better. Find out more by reading the whole story!
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Dreaming of cozying up to a beautiful stone fireplace in a rustic wood cabin this February? Yeah, we are too. Spring may be fast approaching but the chill vibes of cool cabins in the woods are still very much on our minds. This has everything to do with the new aesthetic craze - Cabincore. 


Deep brown and tan hues with hints of forest green are exactly what comes to mind when we think of Cabincore. We have hand selected swatches of our fabric from 4 different collections which we feel go hand in hand with this rustic aesthetic, and here they are:


Starting off strong with our exterior fabrics: Natté™ in Charcoal | Cocoa-Fawn and Satiné™ in Sable | Wood. These swatches in name alone transport us right into the center of the forest. After seeing the swatches below, though, you’ll truly understand why we chose these colors to represent Cabincore. The texture of these two fabrics mimic those of rich cedar logs, stacked one on top of the other to form the cabin’s exterior. Each of these colors has warm brown and tan tones which pair perfectly with this style.



To learn more about our Outdoor collection or to order free samples, click here.


Moving right along to our decorative fabrics, E Screen Deco™ in shade Elm and S Screen Naturals™ in shade Pyrenees. These fabrics add a certain brightness and nuance to the space. The neutral tones featured in these fabrics help offset the deep hues associated with a cabin located in the great outdoors. We all need a little balance, and these swatches do this flawlessly with this aesthetic.



To view all decorative swatches including these or to order free samples, click here.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this read, we hope you’ve been captivated by Cabincore as much as we have. Stay tuned for more design and style content on our Blog!