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The Desert Modern Aesthetic
The beauty of the desert is one to recognize, and the latest Desert Modern style trend is turning heads! Read all about this unique blend of styles which mesh into one chic contemporary aesthetic.
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Mid-century modern influence, colorful southwestern patterns, and bohemian accents walk into a bar…bartender, make me a Desert Modern, please. The Desert Modern aesthetic is an understated staple of the Southwestern United States - and one that often flies under the radar. Its eclectic combination of influences make it one of the most interesting and complex aesthetics you’ll come across. One could say in just the name itself, Desert Modern is a bit of an oxymoron. Isn’t the desert supposed to be dry and desolate? Who could possibly imagine such a contemporary and unique style in one of Earth’s harshest climates? Well, get your sunscreen and hats on, we’re about to blow your mind.


From the very bottom of New Mexico to Southern California, one can admire the Desert Modern aesthetic in its natural habitat. A few things you can expect to find almost immediately: mid-century modern wooden furniture, southwestern textile patterns, light earthy tones, clean lines, and lots of texture. You may be thinking, this sounds like a hodgepodge of styles, and you would be right. Why in the world does it all go together? It just DOES. It’s almost one of those things you have to see to believe. Just like the desert itself, this aesthetic is a bit of an enigma but we are absolutely living for it.




First, we want to address the mid-century modern aspect of the Desert Modern aesthetic. Due to the desert’s typical warm weather, many homes in the Southwest have been built to emphasize the tremendous views and access to outdoor living. The mid-century modern style home is ideal for these circumstances, and aspects of this style have lived on in desert homes to this day. Mid-century modern homes characteristically feature sharp, clean lines which the Desert Modern aesthetic has molded and shaped to fit its own unique personality. Paired with these clean lines, you’ll see lots of texture in the form of textiles, walls, artwork, and so much more. The contrast of the clean lines and textured accents provide the perfect blend of character and contemporary.


One also can’t ignore the beautiful Southwestern patterns associated with the Desert Modern aesthetic. These geometric patterns are characteristic of the American Southwest and their Native American origins. Whether they’re featured on pillows, rugs, blankets, or wall decor, Southwestern textiles are an absolute staple to being Desert Modern. It’s a Southwesterner’s homage to the land’s origins and shows the admiration for Native American artistry and creativity.




As you can imagine, the desert doesn’t get much rain. That’s right, that means it’s sunny alllll day almost everyday. With all this sunshine, it’s easy to see how light earthy tones translate into Desert Modern interiors. White walls, light wooden beams, and terracotta hues are the perfect base for any Desert Modern interior, and you’ll be hard pressed NOT to find this or a similar combination in a desert home. One can appreciate the consistency!


With what we’re gathering from this style, one would need texture, neutral tones, and excellent view-through in a roller shade fabric to compliment Desert Modernism. We’ve taken the liberty of selecting exactly which swatches would go perfectly with this aesthetic, some indoor and some outdoor. The unique patterns and texture of S Screen™ Naturals, the classic colors of E Screen™ and T Screen™, and the view-through of a higher openness factor are all considerations for the Desert Modern style. Adding Mermet fabric to this aesthetic enhances the appearance of a Desert Modern space while also helping to keep it cool. Take a look at the images and swatches collected to see for yourself.




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