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Project Highlights
Mesmerizing Breckenridge Roller Shade Installation
We're shining a spotlight on a beautiful and intricate roller shade installation in a residential home in Breckenridge, Colorado featuring Mermet's E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® 3%.
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WARNING: this might be one of our KOOLEST customer projects yet. Prepare to have your mind blown as you watch our E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® Charcoal/Charcoal 3% fabric in motion in this unique and mesmerizing installation in a residential home in picturesque Breckenridge, Colorado. 




With the grandeur of the mountainous landscape in beautiful Breckenridge, the roller shade installation has to be just as grand, right? Ken Fletcher at Beat the Heat Shades would tend to agree. We spoke with Ken and Jennifer House, of National Interior Fashions to get the full details and to learn how Mermet made a difference in this project. This "bottom-up" installation is the perfect solution for this project; the wow factor is off the charts. Its complex shape and synchronized motorization make it easy to see why we're shining a spotlight on it. Ken told us he used Ultra Quiet motors by Somfy to ensure excellent mobility and installation longevity. 


This South-facing project features 16 windows - eight rectangular windows, six trapezoidal windows, and two triangular windows. This complex and impressive installation enhances an incredible view of the Breckenridge slopes. Mermet E Screen™ 3% openness with KOOLBLACK® in color Charcoal/Charcoal was the perfect selection to eliminate the intense glare and improve the view-through. The darker the color, the better the view-through; an essential factor to consider when you have a million-dollar view.  


Now you might wonder, what's a place knee-high in the snow doing with KOOLBLACK® roller shade fabric? Breckenridge sits on a high elevation, ultimately placing the town closer to the sun. Also, with lots of snow and south facing facade comes a bright glare, bringing more heat into the interior space through the windows and making E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® all the more critical. Jennifer revealed that places like Breckenridge benefit from KOOLBLACK® as much as warmer climates where roller shades, specifically with KOOLBLACK® fabric, keep regulated interior temperatures and reduce damage to interior furnishings from harsh UV rays from the sun. Jennifer (based out of Denver, Colorado) told us that of 100 projects, about 90 of them utilize KOOLBLACK® fabric.


Now that you've seen pictures of the space, I'm sure you're just as wowed as we are. These installations require expert-level installers, like Brian Calderon. National Interior Fashions uses certified expert installers who measure and install projects like this. Jennifer stressed the importance of measuring for these shades; for the bottom-up shades to cover the angles correctly, the measurements must be exact. After all, what good does great roller shade fabric do without a great installer to make it work?  


Good news if you've enjoyed this read on an incredible Breckenridge installation - this property will soon become an Airbnb. Be on the lookout for this fantastic 3-story home which can hold up to 14 people!


For more information about E Screen™ and KOOLBLACK® technology, click here.