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Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Brittney Nash
Read all about why we've chosen to highlight BRITTNEY NASH!
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At Mermet one of our core values is being service-minded, and Brittney Nash embodies this value wholeheartedly. When asked how she would describe herself as a member of the Mermet team, Brittney immediately said that she strives to be seen as a servant leader. Helping, motivating, and encouraging people are some of Brittney’s greatest passions, and they contribute to her leadership among the Mermet team members.


Inside and outside of work, Brittney strives to help people grow and achieve more than they could imagine for themselves. Even as a young girl, Brittney knew she wanted to utilize her servant leadership skills to help people overcome obstacles and live up to their highest potential. What better way to do this than by working in human resources?


Brittney first started out in the HR field as a young professional and worked her way up to owning her own staffing company. By doing this, she experienced a whole new perspective on talent management. She developed meaningful connections with vendors and companies in the local area while helping land talent for her clients. This experience partnered with her knowledge of human resources made Brittney a well-rounded professional in the industry, and gave her the skill set to go even further in her career.


For over a year now, Brittney has been serving in Mermet’s human resources department and providing support to our employees. Brittney has created an inviting and safe environment for employees to share and be heard. She has exemplified a level of selflessness and understanding, which allows for our employees to be motivated to be their best selves. 


This generous spirit continues in her life outside of work. For a number of years now Brittney has committed to teaching financial literacy to children. Her  program is named “Elevate. Achieve. Teach.” and is designed to give children a better chance at managing their money in the future. Brittney expressed that so many children are not exposed to healthy money management and it’s important to educate them on basic money practices and terminology to help them when they start making their own money. Not only that, Brittney continues to make an impact by being a mentor with the Boys and Girls Club of Spartanburg - taking the time to get out into the community and work with young people.


When Brittney isn’t working at Mermet or volunteering, she is most likely doing makeup, spending time with her son, or going thrifting around the Upstate. Brittney’s son is her world, and she loves attending one of his many sports games. Her passion for makeup and making people look and feel their best lead her to start doing makeup on the deceased before their funeral and although they cannot express their gratitude, Brittney takes pride in being able to provide one last service for her clients before they depart us forever. 


It’s easy to see why we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on Brittney Nash this quarter, and we are thrilled to have someone like Brittney as a part of our team! To submit someone who you think would be excellent for the next employee spotlight, click here.