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Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Candy McCraw
This quarter, we're shining a spotlight on Team Lead, Candy McCraw! Her work as an Affinity Kinship Caregiver has made an impact on multiple lives and we are proud to share her story.
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This quarter, we’re shining a spotlight on Team Lead, Candy McCraw! Candy is a part of our Coating department, and has been for quite some time. Candy originally started her time at Mermet in the weaving department as a doffer, and over time transitioned into the coating department after wanting to learn more about the manufacturing process as a whole.


Not only is Candy an influential team lead, she is also an Affinity kinship caregiver. Kinship caregivers are some of the most generous and caring people you’ll ever meet, and Candy is no exception. Affinity kinship caregivers provide care to children who are in need of a stable, safe home - without any support from the government. These individuals and families make incredible sacrifices to give children a loving and welcoming home, providing the resources they need to be happy and healthy. Candy initially became a caregiver 10 years ago, after discovering that a young family member needed solid, stable care. After that, Candy has welcomed new additions to the family; one 3-year-old and one 1-year-old. 




When asking Candy about her experience, she shared with me, “It’s a big responsibility, and you never know exactly what’s going to happen.” This means that being patient and open-minded is key. A child may require extra care and resources because of their past home environment, and all of these things have to be considered. Organization and a certain level-headedness are also imperative with plenty of paperwork and check-ins to keep track of. 


With everything involved with being a caregiver, one can easily get overwhelmed. Candy shared that a caregiver routinely experiences home inspections, home visits, background checks, and drug screenings. All of this aside, becoming a caregiver can be one of the most rewarding things one can experience. When asked what was the most rewarding aspect, Candy shared “Seeing their smiling faces, and seeing them get to a good comfort level with you is worth everything.” Candy also stressed the importance of staying strong for the child and doing what’s best for them.


On the other hand, when asked what the most challenging aspect of being a caregiver is, Candy shared “There just aren’t enough us (caregivers). There are so many children in need of a loving and stable home.” Caregivers are truly in it for the children and wanting to do what’s right to support them. One needs to be selfless and open-minded, just like Candy. Affinity kinship caregivers do what many are not willing to do, and they are immensely needed. Candy shared that if someone is interested in making this commitment, they can contact DSS and become connected with a case worker. 

We are thrilled to have someone in our ranks doing such good in the community! Know an employee who you think should be the next employee spotlight? Tell us who and why by filling out the submission form HERE.