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2024 Roller Shade Fabric of the Year: S Screen™ Porcelain
Read all about Mermet's 2024 fabric of the year: decorative shade fabric, S Screen™ Porcelain!
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Mermet features so many incredible roller shade fabrics, it’s nearly impossible to select a favorite. While it might be enticing to recognize the incredible versatility of the E Screen™ collection or appreciate the double-sided nature of T Screen™ - there’s one fabric in particular which stands out this year. S Screen™ Porcelain is one of our staple decorative shade fabrics and one that CANNOT be overlooked. Its neutral, textured look sets it apart and meshes perfectly with current and rising interior design trends. 


S Screen Porcelain has the look and feel of a natural, high-end textile. It’s composed of vinyl coated fiberglass yarns and constructed with wrapped yarn bundles which utilize first quality weft yarn leftover from the weaving process. You won’t find more unique, decorative weave patterns than those in the S Screen collection, and S Screen Porcelain is truly one-of-a-kind. 


In recent trends, we’ve witnessed the increasing importance of simplistic detail. What an oxymoron, right? That’s exactly what this decorative shade fabric constitutes. The simplicity of a neutral, versatile color partnered with the intricate detail in the weave pattern adds a little mystery and subdued wow factor to an interior space. And the best part? You are still able to maintain your valued views with S Screen’s 4% openness option, or opt for a more private shade with the 1% openness. There is simply no going wrong.


As 2024 brings in new waves of interior design trends, the one thing we know for sure is that product transparency will be at the forefront of the conversation. With the addition of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to the whole S Screen collection, you will never have to guess just what goes into its production and the environmental impact produced by making it. 


If we haven’t convinced you enough yet on why we’ve selected S Screen Porcelain as Mermet’s Fabric of the Year - you’ll need to order a fabric sample to get the whole picture. Order samples of S Screen Porcelain by clicking HERE. If you are a Mermet fabricator, talk to your rep about using S Screen Porcelain in your next project.