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A Holiday Luncheon to Remember!
This year's holiday luncheon was one to remember with great food, fellowship, and awards!
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It’s not everyday you get to enjoy a favorite holiday feast with your peers but when you do, it sure is a joyful time! On December 12th and 13th, the whole plant got to sit down, enjoy a delicious feast, and fellowship with coworkers at the annual Mermet Holiday Luncheon. The Senior Staff served each and every employee with a hearty holiday lunch. See below for pictures of the mouth watering buffet of food provided by Chef 360 Catering!




Each employee was given a raffle ticket at the beginning of the food line and after everyone finished eating, the Senior Staff randomly selected raffle numbers to hand out some amazing gifts! The lucky recipients went home with a full belly and full hands with their holiday winnings. 




4 luncheons were done in total to ensure each shift was able to celebrate in the holiday spirit. We also celebrated the service of our incredible employees by presenting our Mermet Service Awards! From 5 years to 15 years - each employee reaching a service milestone was celebrated with a plaque to recognize our gratitude. See below for some photos we got of such a great Mermet holiday tradition!