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The Jazz Revival Aesthetic
What’s “old” eventually becomes “new” once again. Such a saying couldn’t be more true when it comes to one of 2024’s interior design trends - the Jazz Revival. Read all about this trend and how Mermet blackout fabrics fit perfectly into these spaces.
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They say what’s “old” eventually becomes “new” once again. Such a saying couldn’t be more true when it comes to one of 2024’s signature interior design trends - the Jazz Revival. Those words evoke endless senses - transport your mind to a late 1940’s jazz bar and you’ll start to experience it for yourself. Drowning in dark hues across the walls, floors and furniture - a blend of soft and smooth textures decorate the dimly lit space. Low lighting traces hazy silhouettes of people and objects. Sophisticated sounds and atmosphere collide to compose what we consider to be authentically jazz. Who’s to say we can’t reimagine this feeling in our spaces today?


Before we delve in, let’s give a little background, shall we? Jazz Revival is the culmination of a unique cultural shift and a return to dark aesthetics. What once was considered vintage is now the current rage of nightlife and cozy interior spaces. Just like the soothing sounds of smooth jazz, people long for environments which make them feel at ease. In a Jazz Revival space, you can expect to find soft fabrics and colors which make the room feel intimate and comfortable. Like the lustrous brass of the trombone or saxophone, shiny finishes and decorative elements elevate the space and add contrast to the surrounding deep tones. Get the picture?




Now, let’s talk about how you can transform an interior space into a kick-jazz setting. Start with color: you should aim for rich, sexy hues which will add depth to the room. You will need to do this in moderation as you don’t want dwellers to feel as though the walls are caving in. Like we stated above, soft and cozy furnishings will draw people in and make them want to stay a while - which is preferable for a nightlife setting. You’ll also need to incorporate some swanky, eclectic pieces to bestow some much-needed fun and levity. After all, what’s jazz without a little fun?


Last and most importantly, a dark and cozy space requires miraculous shade to block the light from killing the jazzy vibe. That’s where blackout shade fabric comes in - single handedly extinguishing any light from the exterior street, passerby cars, surrounding buildings, and anything else you can possibly imagine. Whether you choose one of Mermet’s newest decorative blackout shade fabrics, or one of our more sleek blackout shade fabrics - achieving the quintessential Jazz Revival interior will be right at your fingertips. The privacy and light blockage provided by blackout fabrics is not just preferred, but are principal elements to Jazz Revival. 




Here are a few of our carefully crafted fabric collections for an authentic jazz revival space:


Sofia Twilight™

Elba Twilight™

Sparta Twilight™

E Screen™ 0.5%


To get inspired by all things jazz revival, take a moment to view our carefully crafted Jazz Revival Pinterest board by clicking HERE.