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Mermet Loves the Mighty Moo!
Learn all about the Mighty Moo - a weekend long festival celebrating veterans of the USS Cowpens in Mermet's hometown of Cowpens, South Carolina!
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Red white & blue, a lively parade, a celebration of veterans - it’s the Fourth of July, right? Would you believe us if we told you it was actually something called the Mighty Moo Festival? Every year, the town of Cowpens puts on the Mighty Moo Festival - a weekend celebrating the veterans who sailed on the USS Cowpens aircraft carrier during World War II. Now you might be wondering - how in the world did the festival receive its name? The sailors aboard the USS Cowpens nicknamed the battleship the “Mighty Moo” because of its connection to the town of “Cow”pens. 


In fact, the USS Cowpens was named after the famous Revolutionary War battle which took place in Cowpens, South Carolina. This battle is said to be the turning point for the Colonists during the war, which is fitting for the name of a major warship during one of the world’s largest wars. The original USS Cowpens participated in some of the major battles in the Pacific theater during WWII, including providing support for troops during the Battles of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and the Philippine Sea.


Since 1977, the town of Cowpens has been welcoming veterans who have served on the original USS Cowpens CVL25 and the USS Cowpens CG63 currently serving in the US Navy’s fleet. Every year on Father’s Day weekend the veterans are invited to reunite in Cowpens to be celebrated and honored for their service and sacrifice. The town puts on a baseball game, golf tournament, parade, fireworks, music, and some of the best fair food you’ve ever had! Veterans from near and far have the opportunity to reunite with their fellow servicemen or meet those who served at different times. This celebration is one that is aimed to make each and every veteran from these ships feel appreciated and celebrated for serving their country.


Those involved in the planning of this momentous occasion volunteer with pride. “It is an honor to be a part of the Mighty Moo Committee, one member shared. “I didn’t give my all to my country like those on the USS Cowpens - past and present - but I can make sure these veterans are appreciated and celebrated at the Mighty Moo Festival.” Mermet’s involvement goes even deeper as we sponsor a float each year during the Mighty Moo parade. Our employees show up in our signature Mermet red to ride our patriotic float and pay our respects to the veterans of the USS Cowpens. Scroll down to see some of our pictures from years past!








Interested in learning more about the Mighty Moo Festival or get involved? Visit the Mighty Moo website and inquire today. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the USS Cowpens, visit this link.