The Minimaluxe Aesthetic: How Mermet Shade Fabric Seamlessly Blends With This Modern Style | MermetUSA
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The Minimaluxe Aesthetic: How Mermet Shade Fabric Seamlessly Blends With This Modern Style
The Minimaluxe Aesthetic has taken the residential interior design world by storm after the events of 2020. With a focus on minimal luxury, find out why this trend is here to stay PLUS how Mermet solar shade fabric enhances the benefits of this aesthetic.
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2024 is here, and we’re freeing ourselves of excess to make more room for the things which make us happy. Placing emphasis on our most favorite things, and letting go of those that do not serve us - that, my friends, is what the Minimaluxe aesthetic is all about. Keeping things simple, while enjoying the luxuries modern technology provides. 


In a Minimaluxe-inspired room, you can expect to find plenty of space to roam - with the focus being on a few standout, staple pieces. The visible clutter is nonexistent, which brings an air of clean luxury to the space. The Minimaluxe aesthetic ignited and gained popularity in the height of 2020. Due to extended hours spent in the home, people finally had the chance to do something about the clutter and unnecessary items displayed throughout each room. People began to take stock of what is truly integral to their living spaces and as a result, many cleared out the items they never really needed and added items which added efficiency and value to their lives.




There are a few characteristics which indicate a minimaluxe space, including subtle contrast. It features minimal, yet valuable staples. It’s silent luxury at its finest, and you have to delve into the details to see what we mean. Pair different textures and shapes within the same neutral color scheme, and you’re picking up what Minimaluxe is putting down. It draws you in by making you pay close attention to the slightest distinctions between elements in the room, noticing new subdued details every time you step into the space. Let us illustrate it for you:


You’ve got rich, textured walls with hues of dark beige which show their detail as the sunlight hits the surface. In the same space, there exists neutral cozy furniture with clean, sharp lines. There are tables and chests with sentimental value, but with no clutter on top. You’ve got modern finishes with advanced features like motorized window shades, sound-sensitive lighting, a smart television, and sound system hidden in plain sight. Multiple textures are featured throughout  - from the sofa, to the shade fabric, to the walls. Maybe a few plants bringing a little more life to the space, too.


Get the picture?


Minimaluxe celebrates simplicity while championing luxury, so long as it’s not ostentatious. With the reduction of unnecessary items and the addition of those that make your life easier, this aesthetic provides the ultimate calming experience and takes away some of the anxieties associated with an overcrowded setup. Comfortability is key, and everything in the space has a REASON for existing there. You have to think strategically when adding an additional element to a Minimaluxe space in order to maintain the simple, relaxing vibe.




Partnered with an advanced motorized shading system, Mermet’s more decorative and neutral fabrics mesh seamlessly with a Minimaluxe room. Not only does the detail of the weave pattern add a compelling texture to the space, the fabric itself provides a multitude of luxurious benefits you won’t achieve with other window coverings. Reduced glare, occupant comfort, privacy, and temperature control are among the efficiencies Mermet fabrics can provide to any area. The simplistic, yet advanced nature of Mermet fabrics take the Minimaluxe aesthetic to a whole new level. See below how our signature Fabric of the Year, S Screen™ Porcelain, is the perfect way to complement any minimaluxe design. It's decorative weave pattern and texture plus neutral hues equal the PERFECT way to round out the space.


You can order samples of our Fabric of the Year by clicking HERE.