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Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Nathan Wintermute
This quarter's spotlight is on our Product Manager, Nathan Wintermute!
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This quarter, we’re shining a spotlight on our Product Manager, Nathan Wintermute. Nathan’s Mermet career started just shy of 6 years ago and he’s been doing his thing ever since. Other than being the resident expert on all things Mermet fabrics, Nathan has some super cool interests and hobbies outside of work that we’re excited to share with you! 


For someone who spends everyday working with technical information and specs, one would never expect them to have such artistic and expressive hobbies and interests. Nathan defies these doubts with his passion for musical theater and performing. Nathan started out as an admirer of musical theater and slowly morphed into a performer himself. “I started out playing in the pit orchestra for musical theater performances in high school,” Nathan shared. With these shows, he expressed that he was exposed to several musical theater shows and started to develop a real interest. Following his initial involvement in high school, Nathan decided to participate in a technical backstage role during his time at North Carolina State University. This experience further developed his knowledge and interest in the realm of musical theater. 


After college, Nathan started his professional career but didn’t immediately get involved in local musical theater productions. It was his wife, Kathryn, who encouraged him to finally audition for Spartanburg Little Theatre’s production of “The Great Gatsby.” When asked about the audition process, Nathan shared that there’s several things one has to do in order to be considered for a role in the show. Singing in groups, singing solo, reading memorized lines, and dancing with a choreographer are all actions, among others, one must take in order to audition for a musical. 


Lots of time and dedication goes into musical theater productions, but according to Nathan, it’s all worth it. “Being in a show means being a part of something bigger than yourself,” Nathan shared. With less than three months to prepare, the performers in the show are almost forced to build a strong bond and understanding while spending lots of time memorizing lines, rehearsing, and building sets. All that being said, Nathan feels this is the most rewarding part of participating in shows. You build fast, but lasting friendships that make all the hard work just a little easier. Nathan’s most recent performance was in “The Addams Family” and his dream musical to participate in is “Les Miserables.”


As much thrill as performing provides, nothing could be quite as thrilling to Nathan as becoming a father. He and his wife recently became parents to their son, Caledon. When asking Nathan if he knew that he always wanted to be a dad, Nathan quickly responded with an astounding “yes.” Nathan shared that for a long time, he worked with kids at his church in either a teacher or assistant role. His passion for working with kids bled into his passion to become a devoted parent. His son is now 4 months old, and the lifestyle change has been ever so apparent, but so worth it. Becoming a parent comes with an all new sense of love, concern, happiness, and exhaustion all at the same time and becoming adjusted to this new life definitely comes with its challenges. Nathan shared that despite all of these changes, they have adapted well and found a way to balance life’s demands with their other interests such as ultimate frisbee and volunteering with a local poverty alleviation organization. He and his wife have even seemed to pass on their love for music and performance through singing to the baby, and communicating through song. 


With all that Nathan does for Mermet in the office we are proud to shine a spotlight on the fun interests and talents he shares to the world outside of the office! Know a team member who should have the spotlight? Click here to nominate them!