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Project Highlights
Shady Sheltair Installation in Daytona Beach, Florida
The Sheltair Aviation facility at the Daytona Beach Airport is taken to all new heights with Mermet's E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® fabric. Mermet's solar shade fabric provides the ultimate comfortable space for executive flight staff to enjoy.
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We’re flying first class…up in the sky. That’s right, we’re talking about this GLAMOROUS installation featured in the Sheltair Aviation building at the Daytona Beach Airport. This space is designed for pilots of private and executive flights to have a relaxing place to lounge pre- or post-flight - often referred to as a Fixed Based Operator (FBO) in aviation terms. Not only that, it’s an exclusive “concierge” style destination for private and executive flights to refuel and receive routine maintenance. 


With million dollar planes hanging around this joint, it’s gotta have million dollar shading (in looks and functionality, not price). That’s where we come in - giving unmatched view through and luxurious occupant comfort with our E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® shade fabric. We sat down with Damion Pitts at Blue Chip Blinds and Shutters to learn more about this stellar installation and how Mermet fabrics made a monumental impact. When we asked how Damion got involved with the project, he told us that he has a great relationship with the builder and once he explored the space, Blue Chip was all in. 




This project was a renovation - meaning the Sheltair Aviation building had been used for quite some time, but was in need of a major upgrade (shades included). Damion more than anything else wanted to improve the performance of the shades. Featured in the windows were outdated white shades, which produced unwanted glare and did not provide visuals of the stimulating hustle and bustle of airplanes right outside the structure. So, Damion selected the perfect fabric - a combination of view through and high performance: Mermet E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® in Charcoal/Grey-Stone. As Doug Kerns from Universal Window Coverings put it, “Damion knew exactly which fabric he envisioned for this project and recognized the advantages of using a KOOLBLACK® fabric.” Besides the added technology, E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® Charcoal/Grey-Stone was also chosen strategically to match the mullions, bottom rail and fascia of the new shading system provided by UWC. 




Now just about everybody can tell you that Florida is HOT. With that sun beating down, it was imperative that the roller shade fabric provide some relief from the harsh heat rays beaming through the window. Choosing fabric with KOOLBLACK® technology was the ideal solution. With KOOLBLACK®, dwellers are able to lounge in a temperature controlled, cool environment. This shading installation will now allow pilots to feel comfortable and relaxed before their next flight.


In total, the Sheltair Aviation building features 25 shades - 21 of which are motorized. The lobby alone boasts 16 motorized shades, giving it the ultimate luxurious feel. The remainder of the shades span across the Sheltair Aviation meeting rooms where those with access can have important discussions in the privacy of their own enclosed space. People in these rooms will of course experience the same benefits as those in the lobby - occupant comfort, reduced glare, incredible view through and so much more. 




The completion of Sheltair Aviation’s renovation happens to coincide with Daytona’s world famous NASCAR race - the Daytona 500. Damion expressed that many private and executive flights will be utilizing this newly redone space and experiencing the benefits of one of Mermet’s most advanced shade fabrics. Though the commotion of the race might be upon it, the slow and steady reliability of E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® always wins the race.


To find out more about Blue Chip Blinds and Shutters and the amazing work they do, please visit their website HERE. To order samples of Mermet E Screen™ KOOLBLACK® please CLICK HERE.