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Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Wess Keenan
This quarter we're shining a spotlight on Wess Keenan, Mermet's Shipping Clerk. Wess is known for his great work ethic, positive attitude, and his willingness to help others. Congratulations, Wess!
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If you’ve spent any time at Mermet, you know Wess Keenan. Wess serves as Mermet’s Shipping Clerk and takes pride in his work every day. Each day in the shipping department is vastly different, and every member of the team has to remain on their toes to allow for the smooth flow of trucks coming in and out. Wess is an integral part of this team, and his hard work is observed and appreciated by many.


Wess started pulling rolls 10 years ago and has worked his way up to become Mermet’s Shipping Clerk. Being a member of the Mermet team runs in the family, as Wess’s mother retired as a Weaver and was still working when Wess began his Mermet career! 


The Warehouse receives many trucks per day and with this much traffic, organization and communication are key. Wess goes above and beyond to make sure that everything goes according to schedule. Communicating with brokers, dealing with ports, and arranging shipments are all things he handles on a day-to-day basis and does so with an incredible, positive attitude. Wess was nominated to be this quarter’s employee spotlight for being an outstanding professional to work with, his reliability, and his tremendous work ethic.


"I like to leave work with my head held high, taking pride in what I’ve done that day,” he told us. Outside of work, Wess is typically hanging out with his daughter and wife - either at home or on one of their many weekend trips they enjoy taking. He loves the South Carolina Gamecocks and enjoys spending quality time with his family whenever he can. We are grateful for an employee like Wess and thank him for everything he brings to the Mermet family!