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Project Highlights

Energy Efficiency Increases 50% in Christian Brothers Automotive Facility

KOOLBLACK® Technology roller shades and Hunter Douglas RB 500 deliver improved solar reflection to help corporate building beat the Texas heat.

Fabric T Screen™ with KOOLBLACK®
Room Type Office
Fabricator Hunter Douglas Architectural
Architect Powers Brown Architecture
Location Houston, Texas, USA
Project PDF Digital Sample Card

When Christian Brothers Automotive Company (CBAC) built its new corporate headquarters, they wanted to ensure employee productivity and comfort. Located in Houston, the concrete headquarters building needed features to help combat the harsh Texas summers. “The heat was obviously brutal, but so was the glare, especially on the east, west and south sides of the building,” said Steve Palmer.

In consultation with the CEO of CBAC, Mark Carr, Steve Palmer and his team at Creative Blinds specified Hunter Douglas’ motorized RB 500 roller shades and Mermet’s specially heat-reflective fabric, T Screen™ with KOOLBLACK® Technology, to help block the intense sun pouring in from all sides of the CBAC headquarters.

The design called for motorized shades on the top floor, ensuring ease of use and creating a sharp appearance from both the interior and exterior of the building. “The shades look good, and the employees really like them,” said Carr. “I would estimate it’s probably about 10 or 15 degrees cooler with the T Screen™ with KOOLBLACK® Technology fabric, which allows our team to feel more comfortable and be productive.”

CBAC has also noticed significant monetary savings, which they attribute partially to the shades: “We budgeted a substantial amount monthly for electricity costs,” said Carr. “With the help of the shading fabrics, our average monthly bills are less than half of what we initially expected for heating and air conditioning costs. We are anticipating break even costs for the shading system in about two and a half years.”

According to Robert Beals, Product Manager at Mermet Sun Control Textiles, other customers have experienced similar effects after installing T Screen™ with KOOLBLACK® Technology shade fabrics. In fact, the fabrics have been proven to reflect 65% of all solar energy, reducing heat gain, as well as blocking 91% of visible light to control glare, enhance visual comfort and increase workspace productivity.