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Dreamy Installation at Integrity Blinds & Shutters

Sorry, we can’t come to the phone right now; we’re too busy thinking about one of the DREAMIEST installations of our fabric we’ve ever seen. Learn more about this dreamy ceiling installation of our E Screen™ 3% White/White by reading below.

Soothing aesthetics, exceptional acoustical performance and 2x2 basketweave were key factors in selecting E Screen™.

Fabric E Screen™
Room Type Showroom
Location Integrity Blinds & Shutters
Digital Sample Card

Sorry, we can’t come to the phone right now; we’re too busy thinking about one of the DREAMIEST installations of our fabric we’ve ever seen. This month, we visited our friends at Integrity Blinds & Shutters in Greer, South Carolina to learn more about their dreamy ceiling installation of our E Screen™ 3% White/White.


We asked the founder of Integrity Blinds & Shutters, Jeff Brannon, to provide some insight on the process of creating this installation, from conception to completion. In dreaming up this super cool display, Jeff told us the main idea was to open up the space and allow for customers to get the feel of a bigger showroom. Before this display was installed, the ceiling consisted of low-hanging tiles which enclosed the space. Jeff wanted to open the space while incorporating industry-related products. What better way to do that than with Mermet E Screen™?


In choosing the fabric collection and color, Jeff told us his primary concern was aesthetics. In order to achieve the cloud-like appearance he wanted, Jeff had to find a fabric which was light, bright and had a mid-level view through. E Screen™ 3% White/White was just the right fit. As you can see in the photos, this installation drapes our fabric along the diagonal ceiling. Another key aesthetic feature was E Screen™’s 2x2 basketweave, making it optimal to hang in any direction - horizontal or vertical. 


Jeff let us know that this display is actually retractable, which allows for easy maintenance. You might have also observed the LED lighting placed above the fabric, which other than our E Screen™ might just be our favorite part of the showroom! With the press of a button on a remote, one can change the color of the lights to match any and every vibe you can imagine. 


Not only does E Screen™ provide some great aesthetics, it also acts as an acoustical controller. With a higher and more expansive ceiling, one could expect some echo and harsh acoustics. With E Screen™, sounds are sharp and clear thanks to impressive acoustical performance. This is vastly important when communicating with customers inside an expansive showroom. 


Mermet is thrilled to be a part of such a stellar installation! To learn more about Integrity Blinds & Shutters or to schedule a consultation, visit their website here. To discover all about our E Screen™ collection and see if it might be right for your next project, visit here